Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed[ONLY 113MB]

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Project I.G.I. is a cool game where you get to be a shooter and use tactics. It was made by Innerloop Studios and came out in December 2000 thanks to Eidos Interactive. This game is the start of the IGI game series. If you’ve got a computer running Windows, you could play it since it came out on December 8, 2000.

Even if your computer isn’t super fancy, this game can still run nicely on it. Right below here, you can grab the complete IGI 1 PC game. And guess what? It’s in a tiny size, so it won’t take up much space on your computer!

Game Information:[Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed]

Looking for a treat? Grab IGI 1: I’m Going In – it’s a free full game for your PC, all packed down to save space. Project IGI 1 is the game we’re talking about, and it’s here for you to download without any cost.

In this game, you step into the shoes of a hero named Jones, and he’s got a sidekick named Anya to help him out. They’re on a big mission – sneaking into the base of a guy named Josef Priboi. Why? To catch him and grab back some important data he snatched.

What’s truly cool is that you can use cool features like awesome binoculars to identify enemies from a distance and fire through wood. You may even plan the route for the mission on a map that looks to be from a satellite.

This game doesn’t just look good, it sounds great too. The great audio and graphics enhance the whole experience. So, why wait? Go ahead and download IGI 1 for free on your PC now!

Each weapon in the game has its own unique and realistic set of sounds, and the explosions sound just right – they’re pretty loud. The way your steps sound changes based on what you’re walking on, and whether you’re moving quickly or walking softly.

 The levels are big, usually featuring a military base surrounded by vast open fields. I’m now a huge fan of the game because of this feature; I love it.

The most famous mission is called IGI. You play as David Llewelyn Jones, a former Special Air Service soldier who now works as a private contractor.

If you enjoy engaging in challenging stealth missions that require more brains than brawn, you’ll love IGI.

In Project IGI, your main objective is to help recover a stolen nuclear warhead and prevent a nuclear terrorist attack.

What is Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed?

You’re in for a treat with Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed – it’s a fresh and improved version that comes from other websites. This special version lets you grab Project IGI 1 for your PC and have a great time playing it. Highly Compressed in 113 MB.

We all know how it goes – sometimes you don’t have a lot of data to spare for downloading those big 2 GB files. And honestly, waiting for them to finish downloading can take forever. That’s why it’s a smart move to go for Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed, which is just 112 MB. You can only find it right here, and it’s hosted on a Google Drive link. That way, you can get it downloaded as fast as possible.

How To Download Project IGI 1 Highly Compressed for PC?  

All right, let’s dive into the heart of this article. I’m here to walk you through the process of grabbing Project IGI 1 Highly Compressed for your PC, all in simple steps. This way, you can snag it in a tiny 113 MB size. As you know, technology has come a long way, and that’s why we’re offering Project IGI 1 in this compact size.

Features Of Project IGI 1 Download Highly Compressed

If you’re on the hunt for downloading Project IGI 1 Highly Compressed for your PC, let me tell you about some standout features. One of the most special things is the ability to get Project IGI 1 in just 113 MB.

Let’s talk about the first awesome feature of Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed – you’re getting the original files, so no need to worry. Plus, we’ve made it possible to grab the Project IGI 1 Game in a small 49 MB package. It doesn’t matter if your PC isn’t too powerful if you can still play this game.

What’s more, you won’t miss out on any missions or cut scenes – everything’s included. And if you’re into playing online, guess what? You can enjoy the ONLINE MODE too. So, there’s a lot to look forward to!

Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed in 10 MB

Many folks wonder if it’s doable to get Project IGI 1 Highly Compressed for PC in less than 5 MB. Well, the truth is, there’s no magical tool or software out there that can shrink a 2 GB file down to just 5 MB. Be cautious of websites like and that promise such unbelievable compression, because they’re not genuine. The reality is, squeezing Project IGI 1 Highly Compressed for PC into 5 MB or 10 MB isn’t achievable.

However, don’t lose hope! You can indeed get your hands on a compressed version of Project IGI 1 for your PC, but it will be around 113 MB. And guess where you can get it? That’s right, you can grab Project IGI 1 Highly Compressed for PC in 113 MB exclusively from our website, Cyber Gyan.

SCREENSHOTS:-[Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed]


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Project IGI 1 Minimum Requirements[Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed]

CPU:Pentium 3 or Athlon 700MHz Processor.
VIDEO CARD:  32MB 3D Accelerated Video card.
OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista Windows 7/8/10/11.
SOUND: DirectX-compatible sound card.
Project IGI 1 Minimum Requirement


HOW TO INSTALL[Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed]

  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Install the setup.
  3. Once it’s installed, open San Andreas.exe.
  4. Now, play and enjoy the game!

FAQs[Project IGI 1 PC Download Highly Compressed]

  1. What is the download size of IGI 1?

    The download size of IGI 1 (Project IGI: I’m Going In) is approximately 750 MB.

  2. What is the full name of IGI 1?

    The full name of IGI 1 is “Project IGI: I’m Going In.” It’s a first-person shooter video game developed by Innerloop Studios and released in 2000.

  3. Is IGI 1 free?

    No, IGI 1 is not free. It is a commercial video game that typically requires purchase before playing.

  4. How to enter cheats in IGI 1?

    To enter cheats in IGI 1, press the ‘F11’ key during gameplay to bring up the console. Then, type the desired cheat code and press ‘Enter’ to activate it.

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