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Paid Services

For more comfort we are working on paid services which include, Doctor’s Appointment, Chat with Doctor, Beautician Services, Maid Services, Astrology Services, Yoga & Mediation Services, Photography & Video Services.

Shop by Age

Online shopping helps us save time & money. This section aims to provide a gateway where a user can shop for products based on a child’s age. When the user selects a certain age criteria,products specifically concerning with that particular age group display on our screens, filtering out the products that play an irrelevant role when shopping for a particular age group.

Yoga & Meditation

A page that provides Yoga & Meditation tips for prenatal and postnatal women. The benefits of prenatal and postnatal yoga and meditation include: • Reduced Anxiety and Stress. • Pain-relieving and pleasure-enhancing effect. • Enhances the immune system. • Enhances vitality and youthfulness. • Increased Melatonin. • Better Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. • Less chance of Caesarian Section and Epidural Anesthesia. • Enhanced Connection between Mother and child.

Tips from Celebrities

It is well known that celebrities get the best care for their babies in terms of nutrition, healthcare and other important factors. In this feature, your favourite celebrities will share their pregnancy tips to help you and your child.

Greetings and Gift

There is no better way to show friends, family and people that we want to keep in our lives that we cherish them than sending a thoughtful gift or a heart-warming greeting. Which new mother would not be happy to receive a gift for her baby or indulge in a little bit of shopping therapy? When words fall short, this feature lets you show your love and appreciation through gifting ideas available at your fingertips.

Food Supplements

Food supplements help add missing nutrients to your diet or can augment those you consume in whole foods. Food supplements can be consumed for various reasons. They help reach a fitness or health goal, to cope with an aversion to a particular nutrient-rich food or simply as insurance that you receive adequate overall nutrition. This section provides all the useful information about the food supplements for the mother during the maternity period and also after the delivery of the baby.

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